When Engagement Becomes More than Entertainment

As a Tech Coach, I often hear people say that technology is used to "get students engaged." Oftentimes, the term "engagement" is used synonymously with the word "entertained." While this is partially true, student engagement goes far beyond just entertainment and...

How Can the Tech Coaches Help?

If you are reading this, you probably know that we are the district Tech Coaches, and that we are available to collaborate with you on best practices in technology integration. However, you may not know exactly what we do, or can do.

New ArchiTECHs of Learning Podcast Now Available!

The Tech Coaches are proud to announce that our first podcast of this school year, Ready or Not, Here They Come!, is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Podcast! Join us as we discuss what learning in a (sorta) post-pandemic world looks like, and how...

Practical Ways to Implement Voice and Choice in the Classroom

One of the hallmarks of a student-centered classroom is student agency. Effective learning happens in a meaningful and relevant context, in which students have voice and choice in the learning process. This often seems like a lofty, unrealistic goal…

Tech Coach Appointments Available!

This is just a reminder that Tech Coach appointments are now available. The Tech Coaches are happy to meet with you, whether in person or online, and help you with technology integration in your classroom.

#TechCoachTip | Create a QR code for any site you open in Chrome

You can now quickly and easily generate a QR code for any site you have open in Chrome. Here’s how…

Welcome Back Digital Activities (and A Plug for PLNs)

Looking for ideas for digital activities that students can do using their Chromebooks in the first week of school?

Chromebook Essentials

As you are now well aware, Chromebooks have become one of the essential school supplies for students of all ages. However, many students are still not using them to their greatest potential. Here are a few tips and tricks that every student should know to get the most...

Schoology Year-End Housekeeping

We’ve reached the finish line. So what do we do with our course materials?

What Our Perceptions of Technology Indicate About Us

Technology doesn’t limit learning. Our own imagination and proficiency limit technology.

Stayin’ Alive Center

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ArchiTECHs of Learning, Episode 6- Space (and Furniture)- The Final Frontier

ArchiTECHs of Learning, Episode 6- Space (and Furniture)- The Final Frontier

It’s out! The Tech Coaches’ sixth podcast, Space (and Furniture)- The Final Frontier, is now up and available to listen to! Join us as we discuss the design of the learning environment, from seating charts to discussion pits. Our discussion stems from a class we were fortunate to attend, called Designing Flexible Learning Environments, presented by the Michigan Region IV Assistive Technology Team. We also have a special guest, Alie Gwizdz!

Feedback is Central

Feedback is Central

One of the many advantages of using technology in education is the way it empowers students to give, seek, and utilize feedback to shape their learning. Learners in the 21st-century need to harness the power of technology to seek the most timely and useful feedback to build their understanding. But notice I said “seek”. Getting feedback is not the same as when students are of a disposition to actively look for it.

You can now add a co-teacher in Nearpod

You can now add a co-teacher in Nearpod

Nearpod now makes it possible to assign another individual the co-teacher role in a Nearpod Live session. This allows your co-teacher to have some of the privileges of the owner of the Nearpod during a session. Here's what a co-teacher can do and how to add them...

The Student Experience: Multiply Everything by 6

The Student Experience: Multiply Everything by 6

As we continue thinking about how to structure our classes in moving to the hybrid model, one of the most important factors we need to consider is what the learning experience is like for our students.

As I mentioned in several of the PD sessions I have helped facilitate, we need to design with empathy. What is it like to be a student in this class the way I have structured it? And what is the student’s whole day like?

Hybrid Teaching 101

Hybrid Teaching 101

As we make the transition from remote learning to a more hybrid approach, there is a degree of uncertainty for every teacher. Much of this stems from our inability to really visualize what it will all look like once it gets going. One way to confront this uncertainty...

B.I.G. Tech PD- Rubrics

B.I.G. Tech PD- Rubrics

There are still available slots for the B.I.G. Tech PD session on rubrics this Monday, February 22nd at 4:15 p.m. This session is open to ALL levels. To sign up, visit the B.I.G. Technology PD for Teachers Schoology course!

girl logs into Chromebook with student number written on card

Technology for Lifelong Learning

As technology increases exponentially, learners in the 21st century have the opportunity to go far beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom.  The available technology provided by the Dearborn Schools allows students to interact in the digital community, collaborate with peers, and engage with the world from their seats in our classrooms.  The possibilities for learning know no boundaries online.  Learn how to help students become lifelong learners in the digital community.

Our Goal

The goal of instructional technology coaches is to help teachers become effective at using technology to provide the most technology-rich, positive learning environments possible.  To this end, we believe effective teachers…

  1. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.
  2. Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments.
  3. Model digital age work and learning.
  4. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility.
  5. Engage in professional growth and leadership.

from Standards for Teachers.

collage of students working on Moodle