Coaching with Kinders

This school year, I had the pleasure of working with three kindergarten classes and their teachers. I was amazed by the talents of these five-year-olds!

Attention Teachers of Students Grades 5-12!

Here is an opportunity to share with your students- from the Michigan Council of Women in Technology!

Leaving Dearborn: A Tribute to Heroes, Visionaries, Friends, and Students

It is with bittersweet emotion that I announce my departure from the Dearborn Schools. On May 2, 2023, I will be joining the team at Wayne RESA as the Learning, Innovation, and Technology Consultant. Dearborn has been my home for 23 years as a teacher and technology...

GPT-Proof Writing Prompts

Here are some examples of ELA (English Language Arts) prompts that are designed to be GPT-proof: Write an original short story about a character who experiences a major life change, such as moving to a new city, starting a new job, or going through a personal crisis....

What do the Technology Coaches do?

Like most other districts across the country, the Dearborn Schools employs Technology Coaches to support teachers, students, and administrators. But what exactly do they do?

Giving Audio Feedback on Student Work + Tips

“Hundreds of studies of feedback have been published and reviews of these studies routinely conclude that feedback is the most important or nearly the most important variable affecting the amount and quality of student learning.”

Among my favorite things about educational technology is that it can help teachers give more effective feedback. One way to do that is using audio feedback.

Resources to Start the New Semester

As we get started with a new semester, here are a few resources and reminders to help you get started on the right foot.

Encountering AI in Student Writing

There’s a lot of buzz lately about AI in writing. How do we counter this phenomenon? What should we definitely not do? And can we actually work with it?

Before You Hit Send

Some additional thoughts on email if you’re an educator…

Email for Teachers

One of our most useful tools and, sometimes, one of our greatest sources of torment is email. When things go well, it can be our greatest ally in communicating effectively with students, parents, and colleagues. However, it can also be a source of tremendous stress if...

Stayin’ Alive Center

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Personal Learning Experience

with the Tech Coach:

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ArchiTECHs of Learning

Our latest blog posts…

The MetaClassroom

The MetaClassroom

Virtual Reality has been slowly entering the educational scene for several years. One of the most interesting uses of VR I have seen is in the ability to create “meta” spaces for learners on a platform such as…

More Back to School Resources

More Back to School Resources

Here’s another great set of resources courtesy of Ditch That Textbook. Included are ideas and templates for ice breakers, games, first week activities, tech tool refreshers, building community, read alouds, back to school templates, and more!

The ArchiTECHs are BACK!

The ArchiTECHs are BACK!

After another stint in the classroom, Bob is back in the Tech Coach role! Join us as we discuss life in the a pandemic classroom. How do learners take notes? And what is the value of OERs? Plus: Would you pay for this game? Listen to Episode 10: What’s the Good Wordle? on any of the players below, or hit the play button to listen here!

girl logs into Chromebook with student number written on card

Technology for Lifelong Learning

As technology increases exponentially, learners in the 21st century have the opportunity to go far beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom.  The available technology provided by the Dearborn Schools allows students to interact in the digital community, collaborate with peers, and engage with the world from their seats in our classrooms.  The possibilities for learning know no boundaries online.  Learn how to help students become lifelong learners in the digital community.

Our Goal

The goal of instructional technology coaches is to help teachers become effective at using technology to provide the most technology-rich, positive learning environments possible.  To this end, we believe effective teachers…

  1. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.
  2. Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments.
  3. Model digital age work and learning.
  4. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility.
  5. Engage in professional growth and leadership.

from Standards for Teachers.

collage of students working on Moodle

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