Connecting Assignments from Other Sites in Schoology

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Schoology, Tech Coach Tip | 0 comments

The question has come up about connecting assignments from other sites, like Great Minds, iLearn (Moodle), and Seesaw, into Schoology. You definitely can do this.

Adding Assignments from Great Minds

In this short video, Candice Little, a district elementary teacher, shows us how to create assignments from Great Minds into Schoology:

Adding iLearn (Moodle) Activities to Schoology

Many teachers have created great activities in iLearn (Moodle) for their students, and want to continue to utilize them in Schoology. It’s very simple to do:

Adding Seesaw Activities into Schoology

If you would like to add an activity from your Seesaw class into Schoology, follow these steps:

The important thing to remember about linking to other sites is to make sure the link you copy and share in Schoology is a direct link to the activity itself. This will help eliminate student confusion.