Using Nearpod with Schoology- What You Need to Know to Get Started

by | Jan 20, 2021 | Transforming Learning | 0 comments

Now that all district educators have acquired Nearpod accounts, you can add Nearpod presentations right into your Schoology course without ever leaving Schoology.  But before you do that, you must link your Schoology account to your Nearpod account.

First, make sure your Nearpod account is active by logging into Nearpod.  Next, you will link your Nearpod and Schoology accounts.

In Schoology, click on Nearpod in the menu on the left side.

nearpod menu with nearpod at the very bottom

Click the blue button to link your Schoology course to Nearpod.

pop up window click yes i understand

Log in with Google.

log in with google button

You should receive this confirmation:

click the blue thanks button

Click Thanks! and you can begin using Nearpod right within Schoology.

From here, you can create new lessons or begin adding pre-existing lessons. 

To create new lessons, click on the Nearpod menu choice on the left. This will open up your Nearpod dashboard, and you can begin creating.

To add pre-existing lessons from Nearpod to Schoology, follow this quick process:

As always, if you have questions, please contact a Tech Coach today!