As we make the transition from remote learning to a more hybrid approach, there is a degree of uncertainty for every teacher. Much of this stems from our inability to really visualize what it will all look like once it gets going. One way to confront this uncertainty is to look at a few models and consider the tools we have available, and begin to talk about what we are going to need and how we are going to configure things.

One means of support available to Dearborn teachers is the Schoology Course entitled “Hybrid-Flexible Learning Support”, the code for which may have been shared with you by your principal (if you would like to enroll and you don’t have the code, just fill out the following form: Hybrid-Flexible Learning Support Course Code Request Form. This course includes some guidance on how to get started, what factors we should consider, and includes videos that will help teachers visualize what the Hybrid model could look like.

Additionally, you may want to browse through the recorded session (below) I had the opportunity to facilitate with Woodoworth and Stout teachers.

Here are the videos that were used in the Nearpod, since they are not watchable in the video above:

And here’s the link to the Nearpod we used in our session:

As you prepare to get started, remember that the Tech Coaches are here to support you. You will find a link to our Office Hours from 1-2 every day on our main page. You can also email Amy ( or Bob ( to set up a Zoom meeting so we can talk through how you’re going to set things up and begin thinking about the best ways to set up your learning experiences for kids.