What We Do

The Technology Coaches spend 4/5 of their time working in schools and meeting with teachers to help them integrate technology into their instruction to help students learn.

Below are some of the things the Tech Coaches can help you do with the latest district technology.

  • Upload and organize class resources online
  • Communicate effectively with parents and students
  • Administer assessments online
  • Conduct a discussion forum
  • Conduct a live distance learning class
  • Help students collaborate on a group writing assignment
  • Give timely feedback on student writing as they write and before they turn in their work

The goal of the Tech Coaches is to help teachers increase their technology integration for the sake of increased student learning, achievement and opportunities.  Their goal is to help you move closer to transforming your classroom by integrating technology, according to standards like these.

The Tech Coaches spend the last 1/5 of their time collaborating with each other and other members of the Technology Department, sharing ideas, and looking for innovative ways to increase the use of technology to help kids learn.