Student-Created Infographics Using Google Drawings

by | Dec 10, 2020 | Transforming Learning | 1 comment

One way students can show their knowledge of a topic is by creating an infographic. Infographics, by nature, require students to summarize their learning and choose only the most important information to present visually and textually. When constructing infographics, students are making models of the world around them while functioning at the top of Bloom’s pyramid.

The Tool

Google Drawings is a great tool to create infographics. Because it’s a Google product, most students will find its familiarity useful while navigating the program. Google Drawings offers students a blank slate to begin their infographic journey, with options for uploading images, drawing shapes, and adding color. Below is a quick video tutorial for students on how to use Google Drawings.

For those who are familiar with Google Drawings and want some super neat tricks you may not know about, check out this video from Matt Miller.

For even more information on student-created infographics, check out this blog post by Matt Miller!

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