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Tech Tip Tuesday: Last Tab

Have you ever been working away diligently only to accidentally close a tab you didn't mean to close?  Ever been circulating the room and notice someone feverishly closing tabs as you are heading their way?  There is a keyboard shortcut that will help you recover the...

Tech Tip Tuesday: Undo Send in Gmail

Have you ever typed up an email and pushed the Send button, only to realize you really weren't ready to send it?  Did you know that you can undo a sent email in Gmail?  Let us show you how. . . In your settings, there is an "Undo send" feature.  You can set the amount...

Peer Assessment of the Video Kind

As we’ve posed many times before, the Workshop is one of the best ways to allow students to peer assess with some accountability. Now, Ms. Cheryl Airgood, American Sign Language teacher at Dearborn High, has taken the Workshop to a new level with video. [Read time: 1 min]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Going Split-Screen on a Chromebook

There’s occasionally a need to view two different windows simultaneously on your computer. Whether it’s for the purpose of recording grades from Google Classroom into MiStar or taking notes on a Google Doc while watching a video on YouTube, you may have already struggled with manually orienting the windows to fit side-by-side. [Read time: 30 seconds]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Build in Feedback (Teach While you Test)

One thing that is contributing to the sense of despair students feel in the midst of all the testing is the fact that they are on to us: they know that most of the testing they’re doing just allows us to gather data on them without having much immediate impact on their lives. [Read time: 1.5 min]

Supporting Students in Learning Vocabulary

Supporting students in their acquisition of new vocabulary is one of the most critical components of our teaching. Teachers who use Moodle (iLearn) have an advantage in this sense. Creating a glossary and setting it to auto-link vocabulary allows a teacher to enter...

Tech Tip Tuesday: The Many Uses of Screencasting

What is Screencasting? Many of you are aware of a free screencasting tool available to you and your students, called Screencastify.  If you aren't, Screencastify is a user-friendly tool to record your computer screen and allows you to record voiceover as well....

Tech Tip Tuesday- Locking the Background in Google Slides

Oftentimes, teachers ask if they can lock the background on a Google Slide.  Fortunately, not only is the answer yes, but there are a few different options for locking things down in Google Slides. One option is to set the background of the slide to the image you want...

Tech Tip Tuesday: Fun With Version Histories on Google Docs

Google Docs’ Version History feature can empower students to engage in rich conversation about their writing [Read time: 2 minutes]


Assessments, just like anything else that happens in our classrooms, are learning experiences. But the way we administer them may cause students to learn false information. [Read time: 2 min]

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Tech Tip Tuesday: An Alternative to Tri-folds

Students love to unleash their creativity by creating elaborate tri-fold boards or brochures.  Can we give students another option?  How about using Google Drawings to create interactive poster boards? By using Google Drawings, students can create colorful multi-media...

Tech Tip Tuesday: The Onscreen Keyboard

Chromebooks have many accessibility options, but the one most frequently seen is the onscreen keyboard.  The onscreen keyboard may take the place of the physical keyboard, if necessary.  To turn the onscreen keyboard on or off, click on the settings in the bottom...

My Best Failure Yet

I've heard it time and time again in the Tech Coach role, "It's perfectly acceptable to fail."  I don't take failing lightly, so this is hard advice to take.  But I did it.  I failed.  And it was wonderful. I am working in a fourth grade classroom with an extremely...

Tech Tip Tuesday- New Google Classroom Interface

For those of you who use Google Classroom, you may have noticed that it looks a little bit different than it did last school year.  Google is seemingly always changing it's products for more of a user-friendly experience.  Here's a quick lowdown of some of those most...

Glue, Glitter, and Gold – Part 1 (2017)

Sometimes technology’s the glitter. The glued-on afterthought of desperation designed to captivate “kids nowadays”. All the while–running just as fast as we can to stay in the same place–we’ve searched and sought, learned and prepared, thinking it necessary to become the expert in everything that happens within our realms in order to maintain relevance.

Doing What Doug Digs

At the beginning of the school year, teachers had the wonderful opportunity to engage in conversation with Dr. Douglas Reeves at Stout Middle School. During this time, Stout teachers Marla Wiacek and Julie Wooton shared with Dr. Reeves the activity they have done...

Tech Tip Tuesday- Screencasting

For this week's Tech Tip Tuesday, we are going to talk about some nifty uses for screencasting, specifically with Screencastify. What is screencasting? Screencasting is when you record what is happening on your whole computer screen, one tab, or just your webcam, and...

Tech Tip Tuesday- StudentSites

Did you know that we have our own blog site for students?  It's called StudentSites and you can find it at What is StudentSites? StudentSites is a blogging site for our students.  It can be used as a publishing tool for...

Tech Tip Tuesday: Don’t tell mom your password

As any teacher knows, there’s often a direct correlation between the things we emphasize and the things students find significant. And we often show emphasis by the way we model behaviors. For instance, we speak in complete sentences, use proper punctuation and spelling when we write on the board, say please and thank you, and the like. These are some of the areas in which students like to take short cuts, and in the long run it will pay off.

When it comes to technology, however, there are shortcuts we like to take–and even encourage students to take that will eventually and inevitably be harmful to students.



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Early Childhood / Preschool

Use technology in beneficial ways with your child
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Google Apps

Help, tips, and hints for using Google Apps for Education (G Suite)
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Help students collect and curate artifacts of their work, set goals and develop plans.
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Transform the way students learn in your classroom with iLearn
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Form a working partnership with parents and students by communicating effectively
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Everyone has a right to information. Learn how to make your materials accessible to all.
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Technology for Lifelong Learning

As technology increases exponentially, learners in the 21st century have the opportunity to go far beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom.  The available technology provided by the Dearborn Schools allows students to interact in the digital community, collaborate with peers, and engage with the world from their seats in our classrooms.  The possibilities for learning know no boundaries online.  Learn how to help students become lifelong learners in the digital community.

Our Goal

The goal of instructional technology coaches is to help teachers become effective at using technology to provide the most technology-rich, positive learning environments possible.  To this end, we believe effective teachers…

  1. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.
  2. Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments.
  3. Model digital age work and learning.
  4. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility.
  5. Engage in professional growth and leadership.

from Standards for Teachers.

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