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Tech Coach Office Hours Available Next Week

The back-and-forth of email isn’t always the best way to troubleshoot issues, so we have decided to try something new: TECH COACH OFFICE HOURS!

Preparing Sub Plans in Schoology

Considering the nature of the situation in which we find ourselves at the present time, it would be wise to prepare a couple days of emergency sub plans in your Schoology course. One way to do this is to create a folder that will forever sit at the bottom of your...

Schoology Student Resource Kit

Schoology has provided a plethora of resources for teachers, students, and parents. Most of these resources can be found on YouTube. This post will talk about some resources to help students.

Sharing Your Rubrics in Schoology

Well-made rubrics can be a valuable means of communicating student expectations and giving standardized feedback on student work. Just as importantly, they can be an essential tool in supporting a viable curriculum when shared among teachers in a PLC. Fortunately,...

Create Editable Worksheets in Schoology with Google Drawings

In addition to the methods I posted on recently on how to allow students to draw, write and annotate in Schoology, here's another way to create an assignment that students can write on. This method involves using Google drawings, which you can access by going to...

You’ve Got Company!

Did you know that you can enable a sound notification in Zoom that lets you know when someone has entered or left your meeting, or if someone is in your waiting room? Well you can!

Have Students Annotate or Show Their Work

One popular request we've had from teachers of multiple disciplines and levels is this: How can I have the students annotate or show their work on Schoology? There are a few ways to do this. One way is to create an assessment in Schoology and add a question of the...

Student Engagement Hacks in Schoology

As you have already found, there are many avenues teachers can take within Schoology to engage students in the learning process. Schoology has assembled a crowd-sourced publication with 27 strategies for engaging students further. Before you get too excited, know that...

Increase the Visual Appeal of your Schoology Page

There are several ways to make your Schoology Course page more aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. You can find many of these methods with a quick Google or YouTube search. The video below shows one teacher's method for doing this. If you view the video on...

Make Your Remote Learning Norms Clear

With all of our new tools and despite the fact that efforts have been made to simplify things for students, parents, and teachers, there are still a gazillion combinations of ways to do things within each of these tools. Students approach our classes, wondering: Where...

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Tech Help Hangout Today!

Tech Help Hangout Today!

Today’s Google Hangouts will be on general technology help. Bring your questions, suggestions, and what has been working (or not) for you! You can join a hangout by computer, tablet, smartphone, or Chromebook. You can also call in on your telephone and hear the audio...

Let’s Hangout!

Let’s Hangout!

I will be hosting two Google Hangouts today in order to assist teachers with Google Classroom and iLearn. You can join by computer, tablet, smartphone, or Chromebook. You can also call in on your telephone and hear the audio only. The Google Classroom Hangout will...

iLearn Upgrades

For about the next hour, connectivity to iLearn will be intermittent, due to upgrades on the server. Thank you for your patience while we try to improve your iLearn experience.

iLearn and Google Classroom Quick Links

While we are working on a unique and personalized learning experience for our staff, if you are struggling or have a quick question about iLearn (Moodle) or Google Classroom, please visit the following sites. They are very helpful and thorough. Click on either image...

Help is Here!

Help is Here!

For those of you frantically trying to pull things together online for your students, help is here! I am available via email, Google Hangouts, or telephone. If you'd like to reach me by phone, please call my Google Voice number at 313-246-2770. I will do my very best...

Need Help? Call the Tech Coach!

For those of you who may require some assistance, guidance, or looking for suggestions while trying to implement a remote learning experience for your students, I will be in my office today from about 10-2. You can teach me at 313-827-7580. Let me know how I can help!...

How to Take Running Records in Read Seed

How to Take Running Records in Read Seed

Running records are a valuable tool for monitoring progress and identifying error patterns in student reading. Although it’s often difficult to find the time to take them on a regular basis, teachers using Read Seed in their iLearn courses have additional opportunities to engage in this important practice.

Saturdays with Moodle-Update

Saturdays with Moodle-Update

In my 23 years of teaching, nothing much surprises me. I feel like there isn't something that is done, said, or asked that I couldn't have predicted. Until now. We opened registration for our Saturdays with Moodle training series on December 19th, around 11:30 am. By...

Saturdays with Moodle Series

Saturdays with Moodle Series

The Dearborn Public Schools Technology Department is excited to announce a professional development opportunity for teachers: the Saturdays with Moodle series!

Are YOU My Next TIP?

Are YOU My Next TIP?

Are you looking for something more for your students? Are you interested in changing up your teaching style without a ton of extra work? Do you want someone to help you do all this?

New PBL Projects Posted!

New PBL Projects Posted!

Hi Techies! Head on over to the Dearborn PBL Project page to see some new PBL projects that were developed by the Fall 2019 PBL Cohort. Simply click on the Sample Projects tab at the top and search by grade level.

girl logs into Chromebook with student number written on card

Technology for Lifelong Learning

As technology increases exponentially, learners in the 21st century have the opportunity to go far beyond the boundaries of the traditional classroom.  The available technology provided by the Dearborn Schools allows students to interact in the digital community, collaborate with peers, and engage with the world from their seats in our classrooms.  The possibilities for learning know no boundaries online.  Learn how to help students become lifelong learners in the digital community.

Our Goal

The goal of instructional technology coaches is to help teachers become effective at using technology to provide the most technology-rich, positive learning environments possible.  To this end, we believe effective teachers…

  1. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity.
  2. Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments.
  3. Model digital age work and learning.
  4. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility.
  5. Engage in professional growth and leadership.

from Standards for Teachers.

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