Now that we’re deep into using Schoology and Zoom and all of our other tech tools, and we’ve begun to figure out many of the buttons and features, we can begin talking about what’s next. There are two areas that we, as teachers, can grow:

  • Practically: in increasing our proficiency with the features of the available tools (i. e., Schoology, Zoom, etc.)
  • Pedagogically: in harnessing the power of the tools available (which is not limited to Schoology and Zoom) to create increasingly effective learning communities for our students–to reflect on and talk about ways we can design experiences for students that are engaging, deep, focused on student success, and attainable for both us and our students–to use technology to transform learning in such a way that we create new and better opportunities for learning.

The fact of the matter is that our situation will not always be as it is today. Our professional growth in the use of this technology can and should have longevity. Certainly, even if we’re only learning how to use these tools to get us through the pandemic only, it is not in vain–our learning is still worth it for the sake of kids. But we can begin to focus immediately on how we can use this (and future technological developments) to transform the ways we teach and the ways students learn.

Back to the practical

Back to the practical: to continue our learning it might be helpful to circle-back and look a little deeper at some of Schoology’s features. To do this, there is now a self-paced set of resources available to teachers that will continue to grow. The course is available to Dearborn teachers here: (refer to the email Mr. Troy Patterson sent out last week for the enrollment code!). At this point, these resources will give you examples and tips on using things like Assessments.

Coming Soon: our new podcast

In regards to the pedagogical: this is our favorite part–talking about ideas, choices in using technology, and bouncing plans off of each other and in conversations with teachers. We never stop looking for more of these conversations. As part of this, stay tuned for our new podcast which will soon be available. This is our way of starting the conversation, as we constantly seek to support teachers as they branch out to try new ways of doing things. In the meantime, we look forward to hearing from teachers and continuing to meet with you via Zoom and in Office Hours.