As you can imagine, we get A LOT of email. Like, TONS. And while some are very simple to answer, others require more information. The back-and-forth of email isn’t always the best way to troubleshoot issues, so we have decided to try something new: TECH COACH OFFICE HOURS!

Tech Coach Office Hours is our attempt to help as efficiently as we can. The idea of Office Hours is to hold open Zoom meeting times, where you can click on the Office Hours button at the top of our blog and be taken into our waiting room. If a Tech Coach is available immediately, you will be admitted. However, just like the line at the grocery store, there may be some people in front of you. Feel free to minimize your screen as you wait and continue working. (You may want to check out this blog post about enabling notification sounds in Zoom, if you haven’t done so already.) As soon as we are available, we will admit you and your meeting will begin. It’s that easy!

Tech Coach Office Hours are meant for quick questions or clarifications. Many times, it’s easier to share a screen to solve an issue or answer a question, rather than to write lengthy emails that may or may not include all pertinent information. If you feel you may need more than a few minutes, we encourage you to click on the buttons at the top to make a Tech Coach appointment with either Bob or Amy. Tech Coach appointments are generally 30-45 minutes, and allows us more time for deeper conversation and troubleshooting.

Look for the Tech Coach Office Hours schedule and button to be available and ready to go for next week. We certainly hope that this short-term solution will help us to be as efficient as possible with your time, and ours!