Well-made rubrics can be a valuable means of communicating student expectations and giving standardized feedback on student work. Just as importantly, they can be an essential tool in supporting a viable curriculum when shared among teachers in a PLC. Fortunately, Schoology makes it easy to create and share these rubrics. You can use rubrics to give feedback on manually-graded questions (like essay questions) in Assessments, Assignments and Discussions.

Creating Rubrics in Schoology

Rubrics can be created in several areas, including:

  1. Right within an assessment, assignment or discussion.
  2. In the Grade Setup area, which can be found in the left menu.
  3. In Resources (tab at the top).

Sharing Rubrics

In order for Rubrics to be shared, they must first be saved to a Collection in Resources. You can create a collection in resources for all the rubrics you wish to share by clicking the Add collection button while in Resources (see below).

From there, rubrics can be saved to this collection. To save rubrics to a collection, do the following:

  1. Click Grade Setup.
  2. Select Rubrics at the right.
  3. In line with the rubric you’d like to share, click the gear button.
  4. Select Save to Resources from the dropdown menu.

From there, save your rubric to the collection you’ve created to share with others.

Sharing the Collection

You can share your collection with others at any time, even if you haven’t saved all of the rubrics to your collection yet. As you save them and create others, they will be shared with others with whom you have shared the collection.

Here’s how to share the collection:

  1. Go to Resources.
  2. Select the Collection you want to share.
  3. Click Share.

You will need to find the individuals with whom you would like to share the collection, and can set the permissions on your collection to “Can view” or “Can edit”.


This was brought to my attention by Mrs. Katie Meyers of HFEC: A rubric changed anywhere is a rubric changed everywhere. Making any changes to a rubric will affect the rubric wherever it appears. So use caution when editing rubrics, especially if you have already shared the rubrics.

CAUTION: A rubric changed anywhere is a rubric changed everywhere!

For a more thorough tutorial on creating and using rubrics in Schoology, check out Schoology Support for Instructors: Grading in Schoology.