Google Docs (updated 6/13/17)

How do I. . .

Insert WordArt

Use suggested edits

Comply with MLA and APA formatting guidelines by creating first page headers

Add page numbers

Use the outline tool for easier navigation

Insert special characters

Spellcheck documents

Use my voice for editing and formatting my Docs

Make Google read my Docs out loud

Hide private passages in a shared Google Doc

Add a table of contents to my Doc

Find my word count

Change the language settings

Use templates in Docs

Convert images into editable documents

Create and save a template in Docs

Use an online thesaurus in Docs

Add open source clip art to my Docs

Translate my Doc into another language

Convert Microsoft Word Docs to Google Docs

Create a Word Cloud in Docs

Find and add famous quotes into Google Docs

Replace and reset images

Search for and insert free images in Docs

Make Google Docs act more like Microsoft Word

Link to a specific paragraph in a Doc

Make columns in Google Docs

Use color to help organize my Google Doc

Add emojis to your Doc

Email and download a Google Doc as a PDF or Word doc

Download images from Google Docs

Create fillable text boxes in Google Docs

See a “Time-Lapse Movie” of all your Google Docs revisions

Add text to your images

Use Google Docs to create my lesson plans

Delete a blank page in my Google Doc

Use the Explore feature in Google Docs

Hide private passages in a shared Google Doc

Add and edit tables in Google Docs

Quickly copy formatting using the Paint Format buttton

Choose more fonts for my Doc

Crop, rotate and add borders to images in Docs

Create fillable text boxes

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