In my 23 years of teaching, nothing much surprises me. I feel like there isn’t something that is done, said, or asked that I couldn’t have predicted.

Until now.

We opened registration for our Saturdays with Moodle training series on December 19th, around 11:30 am. By 5:15 that evening, all 200 open slots for Dearborn teachers had been filled! Never in a million years did we think that would happen!

While this is a great problem to have, it still remains a problem. We have received countless emails from disappointed teachers that did not get into the courses. Unfortunately, our quota has been reached for this series. But that just means we will have to run one again next school year!

If you are already registered for a course or multiple courses, and you find out you will no longer be able to attend, PLEASE CANCEL YOUR TICKET! This will allow another teacher to fill your spot. You may cancel one or multiple courses.

Canceling a Session

To cancel a session, go to Select Shop, select My Account, select Orders, select the course you want to cancel, then click Cancel. It’s that easy! Because we have so many people who are interested in taking this training, if you are registered to attend yet cannot, we kindly ask that you cancel ASAP, so that we can fill your spot with another teacher.

Please and Thanks


Currently, we are working on a system for a waitlist. Once we figure that out, we will let you all know. In the meantime, thank you for your patience!

Out-of-District Registrants

There are still open slots for out-of-district registrants. If you are an out-of-district registrant, follow this link to register for the courses:

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