One of the best parts of working in the Technology Department for Dearborn Public Schools is the fact that we are a forward-thinking and solutions-based team.

The Problem

Recently, a problem was brought to our attention. Some of our elementary schools are doing a pilot for a new Language Arts program, and many of the components are online. In order to access the program, students had to log in to iLearn (Moodle). This meant that kindergarteners would have to log in to their Chromebooks, and then log in AGAIN through iLearn (Moodle) in order to read the online texts provided by the pilot. For a 5-year-old, that’s a lot of steps just to read! Unfortunately, this amounted to lots of frustration for students and teachers alike.

Enter our fabulous teammates- Chris Kenniburg and Sean Williams. Together, Chris and Sean worked tirelessly to solve this issue. The result? Google single sign on for iLearn!

What Does That Mean?

What is single sign on through Google, you ask? Well that’s easy! Now, to log in to iLearn (Moodle), students simply click the Google button on the log in screen. That’s it! Only one log in is needed! (And the crowd goes crazy!)

sign in screen for iLearn

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at!

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