If you use Moodle (iLearn) with your classes, it probably still contains students and their data from the previous year. In order to get your course ready for the new school year, it is wise to reset your course. This simply means that you are unenrolling all of the previously-enrolled students and deleting their data from your course. The data that is deleted includes their quiz attempts, forum posts, and any other interactions they had within the course. Resetting the course DOES NOT delete any of the activities you have built into your course.

To reset your course…

  1. Click the Course Management button (the button with 3 gears on it near the top left of the page).
  2. In the Course Management slide-out, under Course Settings, click Reset.
  3. On the Course Reset page, scroll to the bottom and click the Select defaults button. **NOTE: If you currently hold the role of Student in your course, you will want to remove this role from your account before proceeding. Otherwise, you will find that you have been unenrolled from y our course.
  4. When the page reloads, scroll to the bottom and click Reset Course.
  5. On the next page, click Continue at the bottom.

Once you have done this, your course will be ready for a new group of students to enroll!

If you have any questions, contact the Tech Coaches!

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