One of the projects Amy and I were involved with last year was creating a set of lessons following the model of engageNY and EUREKA Math within Moodle. We completed a set of more than 6 complete lessons for the 6th grade math module on Statistics.

Today, I began creating the first course, following on the heels of the previous project, which will be a (mostly) complete module of 7th Grade Math Module 2 on Rational Numbers. Screenshot of the course home page

The course will include digital versions of the lessons, assignments, and other activities that can be used with students. All of the lesson materials will also be included in the course, to make it easier for teachers using the module to use the more traditional paper versions of certain activities if they wish.

A photo of an assignment written in Arabic

Course materials include the Arabic language version of the materials.

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Screenshot of the iLearn course topics

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