Throughout the district, teachers are turning to Google Classroom to provide immediate feedback to students, differentiate learning, decrease the amount of paper used, share assignments and links quickly and efficiently, and increase student motivation.  They are finding it easy to use and a great way to organize students’ online work.  No more lugging home folders, binders and stacks of paper!  Teachers can easily go online to grade their students’ assignments using any device with an internet connection!

Check out these advantages of Google Classroom, found at

  1. Easy to use and accessible from all devices.
  2. Effective communication and sharing.
  3. Speeds up the assignment process.
  4. Effective feedback.
  5. No need for paper.
  6. Clean and user-friendly interface.
  7. Great commenting system.
  8. Is for everyone.

There are some limitations of Google Classroom, such as no ability to create and grade quizzes, and it’s difficult to integrate a rubric into assignments.  However, iLearn works great for these things!  For those who are just starting out on the path of online classrooms, Google Classroom is the way to go!

If you are interested in creating a Google Classroom, check out our Model Course.  This course contains example assignments and activities created in Google by teachers in the district.  To get there, click on the link above or type in  Once there, click on the plus sign in the upper right corner, then type in the class code, which is 2znhyk.  You will then become a student in the classroom.  Once you are enrolled, you can poke around and see what Google Classroom can do for you!