If you teach Health, P.E., Technology, Music, Theater, or Art, this post is for YOU!

As you may already know, you can add your learning objectives to assignments or individual assessment questions. Many teachers in the above fields were searching and searching for the standards in their content area, and thanks to our Music Resource Teacher, Lisa Meyer, we found them!

Here are the steps:

  • Once you have added the Assessment question or Assignment, scroll to the bottom and find Learning Objectives.
  • Click Align.
  • Scroll down and choose State Standards.
  • Select Michigan.
  • Select Grade Level and High School Content Expectations.
  • Scroll down and select your content area.
  • Choose the grade level.
  • Select your content objective(s).
  • Click Add Learning Objectives.

You may add as many as you’d like, and may also add from multiple grade levels. Thanks, again, to Lisa Meyer!