As you may know by now, grades will not transfer automatically to MiStar from Schoology. This means that a student’s overall grade in MiStar may end up being different than their overall grade in Schoology, especially if you are grading other assignments than those in Schoology. To avoid confusion for students and parents, there are a few simple steps that will prevent students and parents from seeing an overall grade in Schoology:

From your course,

  1. Go to Grade Setup (left sidebar).
  2. Under visibility settings (last section), check the boxes for Hide overall grade in student grade report and Hide grading period grades in student grade report.
  3. Save changes.

It would be wise, at this point, to make it clear that overall student grades will always be in MiStar. Maybe even provide a link to Student Connect in your Schoology course (add Materials>Add File/Link/External Tool>Link>Add the URL for Student Connect. Give it a title and add the link You could move this link to the top of your course for easy reference.