One of the things we are often asked is for a good way to convert PDF documents to Word or Google Docs. There are several resources available to do this, none of which really do a consistently good job of it. However, one was brought to my attention recently that actually works pretty well and is quite consistent:  PDF to Word Online. Along with this tool, the site easy PDF allows you to easily convert a range of document types to other formats. Note that a Word Document can easily be converted to a Google Doc by opening it in Google Docs or uploading to your Google Drive and converting.


PDF Splicing

Want another quick tip that may be useful? While PDFs are designed to ensure that the viewer sees precisely what you intend them to see, they’re not good for much else than viewing — and cause all kinds of problems at that. But sometimes you want to splice an existing PDF, say from your new math curriculum materials, so you only include a page or a selection of pages from a multi-page packet. Just open the file on your browser, click Ctrl + P, and make sure it’s set to Print to PDF. Select the pages you want to “print” to the new PDF file, and hit Save. Your newly-spliced PDF is now ready to go! [CAUTION: PDFs must be accessible if you are going to post them on your blog–and it’s not easy to do this.]