For those of you who use Google Classroom, you may have noticed that it looks a little bit different than it did last school year.  Google is seemingly always changing it’s products for more of a user-friendly experience.  Here’s a quick lowdown of some of those most recent changes.


With the new version of Google Classroom, we notice that the titles at the top went from “Stream, Students, About” to “Stream, Classwork, People”.   While you used to be able to post anything from the Stream page, now you can only post announcements.  Everything else is posted from the Classwork page.

screenshot of stream

Now you can only post announcements and respond to student comments on the Stream.


On the Classwork page, you can post assignments, questions, material, reuse posts or create new topics by clicking on the +Create button.  You can also reorder assignments on this page, check your calendar for due dates, and check the class drive folder.

screenshot of classwork page

The new Classwork page is where you post work for your students.


On the People page, you will find a list of teachers that teach the class and your student list.  You will also find your Google Classroom class code.  If you click on the gear in the right corner, you will find other options, such as the option to display your class code full screen, show deleted items from your Stream, and the option for guardian summaries.

screenshot of new people page

New People page

Hopefully this will help you navigate the new and improved Google Classroom interface.  As always, if you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact a Tech Coach today!


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