M-Step Practice CourseYesterday, I met with a team of ELA teachers from Woodworth Middle School who wanted to make M-Step practice easier and and more accessible to their students on iLearn (Moodle). These teachers, including Suria Ali-Ahmed, Dr. Mona Jalloul, and Salwa Mawari learned how to take published M-Step practice tests and convert them to a format on iLearn that would allow students to take the tests in a format similar to the M-Step, and have access to take them multiple times to better prepare for the M-Step.

M-Step questionThe tests are also set up to incorporate immediate feedback for students who are taking the practice test within each question.  Students who have this experience will undoubtedly be better prepared after having seen the actual content, taken the test in a manner that mirrors the format of the actual test, and received feedback as they practice.

Teachers who use iLearn (Moodle) for their own classes have the ability to import these practice tests to their own courses to help their students prepare as well.