This Monday, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Kelly Cibasek’s third grade classroom at DuVall Elementary, where her class and Liz Morrison’s class took part in an internet Skype interview with a real, live field biologist.  Jean Pennycook is currently stationed in Cape Royds, Antarctica, where she studies Adelie penguins.  She follows them through their daily lives in the frozen tundra, observing and recording their behaviors such as feeding, breeding and child-rearing.

jean pennycook's image projected on a board in front of the classroom

Students in both classes listened to Ms. Pennycook explain what her job entails, what the penguins do on a daily basis, and how they respond to her.  “As long as I don’t chase them or try to pick them up, they basically ignore me!” Ms. Pennycook quipped.

penguins in antarctica projected on a board in front of the classroom

The students caught a glimpse of the landscape of Antarctica, which included a spectacular view of the partially-frozen ocean and some penguin nests.  The interview wrapped up with students asking thoughtful questions of the biologist.  The students and teachers were all so thankful for the opportunity!

view of the ocean from antarctica projected on the board in front of a classroom

For more information about Skyping Jean Pennycook, please visit the Skype blog.

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