So this happened today:

text message

The excitement in Melanie Klein’s text was palpable.  Here is a teacher that found something that not only worked for her and her students, but made them both excited to learn!  This marvelous tool is the workshop module in Moodle (iLearn).

In Melanie’s 5th grade class, students write papers on various topics for various subjects.  After the students submit their rough draft in Moodle (iLearn), Melanie uses Moodle to randomly assign them 3-5 student submissions to review, including their own.  Then, using a well-thought out rubric, students review and grade their peers’ work, anonymously.  Once all students have reviewed their allocated submissions, Melanie turns them back to their owners, who then can use the rubric scores and feedback provided by their peers to revise their papers.  Finally, Melanie can take a look at the revised work and grade accordingly.

”I’m so excited to implement this next year,” Melanie shared.  “This really brings my teaching to a whole new level.”

If you’d like to learn more about the workshop module in Moodle (iLearn) for next year, contact a Tech Coach today!

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