Over the last couple years, I have spent time teaching blended or hybrid versions of classes for credit recovery. An essential part of the success of these programs has centered upon frequent and consistent communication with parents and students. This is no different from any other program.

To facilitate keeping good records of contacts I have made with parents, I created a Google Form that I, alone, have access to. This provides an interface on which I can quickly record a summary of my conversation, whom I contacted and the results. All of the information I enter feeds into a Google Sheet for my own documentation and for access at any point later on. The form is set to allow multiple entries. All I have to do is click the eye icon to see the entry interface.

My Parent Contact Google Form is a work in progress–as all of my Google documents are. But I thought I’d share. The following link will create a copy of the Form in your Google Drive that you can modify as you wish.

Parent Contact Google Form

Please consider this a “Share-Alike” resource. If you find a better way or develop a more effective version of the Form, please share!

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