All around the district, Dearborn students and staff are utilizing Google Hangouts.  So what, exactly, IS a Google Hangout?

What you can do with Hangouts?

  • Send messages
  • Make video calls
  • Share photos, locations, and stickers
  • And more!


So what have people around the district been doing with Google Hangouts?

  1. The Tech Coaches hosted a live PD using Google Hangouts.  Bob Harrison and Amy Gwizdz hosted a session on Google Drive and Google Docs using Google Hangouts.  They had another teacher join the hangout so that he could be a part of the discussion.  You can watch the broadcast here, if you missed it!
  2. First grade teachers at DuVall used Google Hangouts for a lesson in economics.  First grade teachers Jennifer Pelaccio and Andrea Sims shared a Google Hangout with their teachers during a staff meeting.  They then asked the staff to participate in a Google Hangout with the first grade classes so the students could advertise their products for their social studies PBL unit on economics.  The Hangout was a huge success!  All of the classes loved being able to do a video chat with the first graders, and it helped them have such a successful sale that they actually sold out of their products!
  3. Battle of the Books at Stout.  Stout Media Specialist Cassie Acker used a Google Hangout combined with YouTube to broadcast her school’s Battle of the Books last week.  People could watch the stream live on her blog, or tune in later to see the recorded program.  It was a great way for those who couldn’t attend to still be part of the action!
  4. Immediate classroom support.  The Tech Coaches use Google Hangouts to help teachers in other buildings solve issues remotely.  With its ability to screen-share, Tech Coaches can use Google Hangouts to demonstrate how to accomplish something on their computer while the other person in the Hangout watches, all while being miles apart!
  5. Communicate with homebound students.  Teachers across the district have been utilizing Google Hangouts to stay in communication with their homebound students.  Teachers and students can interact with homebound students throughout the day, and homebound students can be “present” in the class to receive lessons and see hands-on activities in action.  One teacher “hangs out” with her homebound student every day during Daily 5 and Math instruction, so her student can be a part of lessons and rotations!

If you are interested in using Google Hangouts in your classroom and need assistance, contact a Tech Coach today!