Copy of Model Courses Project White backgroundModel Courses on iLearn have begun to grow exponentially.  Over the past 2 weeks, the Tech Coaches have been creating model activities using their own pedagogical expertise, as well as content that has been imported into the Dearborn Educational Curriculum, or DEC.  Thus far, Model Courses have been started for each of the following Dearborn Schools course offerings:

  • elementary language arts
  • high school language arts (9th and 11th grades)
  • high school biology
  • high school chemistry

The Tech Coaches have also begun meeting with teachers to introduce some of the activities included in the courses, as well as sought feedback from language arts coordinators.  At this time, classroom teachers are beginning to pilot some of the activities contributed by the Tech Coaches.

Below is a sample of some of the activities and homepages for the Model Courses.