In Mrs. Gutierrez’s 2/3 class, students are experiencing writing conferences using Google Docs and the “Comment” feature.  The teacher can remotely log into a student’s document, read it, and provide immediate feedback while the student is working.  The students can also reply back to the teacher, or mark a comment as resolved.  Both students and teacher are enjoying this great piece of technology!

Gut 1 Gut 2 Gut 3


In Mrs. Bublitz’s 4th grade, students are using Google Classroom to extend their math knowledge!  For this assignment, students created a glossary of definitions of geometry terms using Google Docs.  They were super excited to get into Google Classroom to create documents to share!

Bub 1 Bub 2 Bub 3

Finally, in Mrs. Klein’s 5th grade, students are using iLearn to do literature response.  They heard a story, then had to describe the character that was overcoming a challenge and how.  They used an iLearn assignment to complete the activity.  The students couldn’t wait to get on the computers and go to Mrs. Klein’s iLearn class to show her what they know about character development!

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