Q-Tip: Microphone and Speaker Setup for Hybrid Learning

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Hybrid Learning, Tech Coach Tip, Zoom | 0 comments

As we head into a hybrid experience with our students, we need to think about how our classrooms are configured. Because seemingly no two classrooms have the same set up across the district, we wanted to offer some basic advice for audio and video recordings.

When using Zoom to stream live to virtual students, or when recording lessons for use at a later time, make sure your microphone is pointed away from your speakers in the classroom. When your mic is hot and pointed at the speakers, you may experience feedback. If you physically cannot point your microphone away from your speakers, make sure your mic is far enough away from your speakers to inhibit feedback. Experimenting may be the key to see what works best with your classroom set up.

Keep in mind, Chromebooks are portable, and include both a camera and microphone.