Schoology has provided a plethora of resources for teachers, students, and parents. Most of these resources can be found on YouTube. This post will talk about some resources to help students.

Back to School with Schoology

In this video, students are shown the basics of a Schoology course, such as how to navigate assignments, find grades, and join groups.

Student Course Navigation

Here, students are shown basic course navigation, such as course layout, buttons and icons, and how to find feedback from their teacher.

Participating in Discussions

Students will learn many things about successfully participating in online discussions in this tutorial. Some topics shown are how to comment on a post, how to reply to someone else’s comment, multiple ways to contribute to discussions, and where to locate their grades on their discussion.

Locating and Submitting Assignments

Students will find help with Assignments here. They will be shown, among other things, how to locate upcoming and missing assignments, where to find rubrics used to grade the assignments, how to submit or re-submit assignments, and how to add Google Drive files to their assignments.

Google Drive Assignments

This tutorial will demonstrate how to locate the Google Drive document shared by their teacher, how to work directly on the document itself, and where to look for teacher feedback and grades on their assignment.

One more place students can go for help with Schoology is the Schoology Support Center. Use the search bar to type in your question. You can access the site at