Cornell Notes on Google Docs

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Tech Coach Tip | 11 comments

nc11_focusednotetaking-pdf-google-chrome-2016-10-04-13-50-40One tool that is being consistently used across the district is the notetaking format called Cornell Notes. In order to support teachers who are using Cornell Notes + technology, I’ve created a simple Cornell Notes Google Docs template (click here). The Doc consists of tables that expand as the student enters increasing amounts of text. Note that the link forces whoever clicks on it to make a copy of the template, which is automatically saved in his/her Google Drive. Feel free to share the link, post it on your blog, iLearn, or Google Classroom–and let me know if you’d suggest any improvements to the Cornell Notes template!

For more information on how and why to use Cornell Notes in your classroom, check out Focused Note‐taking in Your Classroom by Ellen Nickerson.

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