Good things are happening at Snow Elementary!  In Julie Serazio’s first grade classroom, students wrote about things they are thankful for, and why they are thankful for them.  Students had very creative ideas!  Now it was time to digitize them!

First, we took those writings and put them into Google Slides.  Julie started with a template for the students to use, and pushed it out to them through her Google Classroom.  Once students logged on to their Google Classroom, they made a copy of the teacher’s template and began editing it to make it their own.  Students turned sentence stems into sentences, then added an image and changed the background color.  They even took selfies on their Chromebooks to make a more personalized title page!  Finally, once students completed the project, they shared it with their teacher.

Students had great fun digitizing their writing using Google Slides.  Click on the links to see a couple examples!

Hussein’s Presentation

Madison’s Presentation

We had lots of helpers in Mrs. Serazio’s class!

Julie and Manny small group Manny Alivia typing watch dog dad Cooper (1) parapro (1)