Oftentimes, teachers ask if they can lock the background on a Google Slide.  Fortunately, not only is the answer yes, but there are a few different options for locking things down in Google Slides.example of a template in google slides, it's a winter landscape with a snowman

One option is to set the background of the slide to the image you want locked by creating it in Google Drawings.  To do this,  you will need to create the scene first, then download it as an image.  You can find directions on how to do that here.  Once you have created your template, you can then insert it into your slide show.  Click here to see a short video for directions.

Another option is to simply find a background picture, and insert it into the slide.  Click here for a short video to help you.

Whatever method you choose, your Google Slides will be ready to roll out to your students!



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