More and more, teachers are asking about websites for students to listen to stories being read to them aloud.  While you may be tempted to create your own videos of staff and students reading stories out loud and posting them on blogs, please be aware that in most cases, copyright will be broken and the videos will have to be removed.  There is, however, a (sorta) solution.

stack of multicolored books

Eric Curts at has put together a wonderful list of YouTube channels chock full of read alouds!  You can find the blog post here: Here are some of the highlights:

Storyline Online This channel consists of popular stories read by actors and actresses of the Screen Actors’ Guild.

Story Time for Children  This channel contains fairy tales, stories, adventures and books aimed at toddlers and preschoolers.

Books in Song  Children can listen to popular stories put to music and sung.

Super BookBoy  This channel was started by a boy when he was just 13 years old, and now his whole family contributes!

For a comprehensive list of read aloud YouTube channels, visit Eric Curts’ blog post!


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