8 Winter-Themed Activities Brought to You by Eric Curts

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Embracing Google, Google Apps for Education (GAFE), Schoology, Transforming Learning | 0 comments

Looking to put some fun, winter-themed activities for your students into your Schoology course? Look no further! Eric Curts over at Control Alt Achieve has provided us with some engaging and educational activities you can use today. These Google-based activities can be put in your Schoology course very easily, and students love them! Check them out!

Build a Snowman or Decorate a Holiday Tree with Google Slides

In this popular creative writing activity, students use Google Slides to build a holiday tree or build a virtual snowman, then write a story about it. Students use basic tech skills, like copy and paste, while using their creative writing skills to craft a story about their tree or snowman. Click on this link for the holiday tree and click on this link for the snowman.

Sample provided by Eric Curts at www.controlaltachieve.com.

Winter Time Magnetic Poetry with Google Drawings

In this interactive activity using Google Drawings, students can drag words into a winter scene to make winter poetry. Using the text boxes provided, they can also add their own words to their poems. Students will use basic technology skills like click and drag, as well as writing skills, to create beautiful and unique poetry. You can find the link to the template by clicking here.

Sample provided by Eric Curts at www.controlaltachieve.com

12 Days of Christmas Math Activity with Google Sheets

Students will use math concepts such as addition, number patterns, and drawing conclusions from a chart to create a spreadsheet of the 12 Days of Christmas. Directions have been provided in the spreadsheet, and students will use basic skills like entering data and creating formulas to produce their final product. You can find a link to the spreadsheet here.

Sample provided by Eric Curts at www.controlaltachieve.com

Rebus Story Writing with Google Docs

In this fun and colorful writing activity, students will use Google Docs to create colorful pictorial stories. In a Rebus story, students substitute pictures for words to create writing pieces. They can be creative writing stories, poems, informational pieces. . . the possibilities are endless! You can download a copy of the template here.

Sample provided by Eric Curts at www.controlaltachieve.com

For more information on any of these ideas, as well as some more creative uses of Google products, visit the ControlAltAchieve blog by the wonderful Eric Curts!