Happy Tuesday and welcome back from a long, hopefully restful, weekend! This is just a reminder that Tech Coach appointments are now available. The Tech Coaches are happy to meet with you, whether in person or online, and help you with technology integration in your classroom.

What we do:

We support teachers in integrating technology into their instruction to do things such as:

  • Effectively design activities and organize resources on the LMS for instructional purposes
  • Communicate effectively with parents and students
  • Create and administer valid assessments online
  • Plan and conduct remote learning classes
  • Help students network effectively for learning
  • Give timely feedback on student writing as they write and before they turn in their work
  • Model, support, and promote good digital citizenship in teachers and students

The goal of the Tech Coaches is to help teachers increase their technology integration for the sake of increased student learning, achievement and opportunities.  Our goal is to help you move closer to transforming your classroom by integrating technology, according to standards like these.

How do teachers sign up?

In the coming weeks, we will begin visiting buildings. We will email the building the week before, to notify the staff that we’ll be there. If the day that we are scheduled to be in your building doesn’t work, feel free to make an appointment for a day and time that works for you, and we will be happy to accommodate. We are also able to meet online, if that works better.

To schedule an appointment, you can choose an option to meet with Bob Harrison, who focuses on secondary education, or Amy Gwizdz, who focuses on elementary education, at the top of our blog. Either one is happy to meet with anyone, just click on the button to schedule an appointment.

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