There are many ways to add a link to your Zoom classroom in Schoology. After researching many of these ways, I’ve settled on a method that I would personally go with. This method accomplishes one of my main goals of giving students ONE place to go in order to find the information they need (in this case, Schoology). It involves creating one Zoom meeting for each of my classes, which would limit my class meetings to five total meetings I’m creating, since I would theoretically teach 5 classes. Here’s how I would do it (video below):

There are many ways to add a link to your Zoom classroom in Schoology.

  1. In Zoom, create a Meeting for one of your class periods, like 1st Hour <YOUR NAME>. (This keeps your hours separate and prevents kids from accidentally entering the wrong room down the road.)
  2. Set the meeting to Recurring.
  3. Change the recurrence from Daily to No fixed time.
  4. Save your meeting.
  5. Copy the link.

Now, go to your Schoology course.

  1. In a very conspicuous location (I choose the very top of the course page), click the dashed line to add a Material.
  2. Choose File/Link/External Tool.
  3. Choose Link.
  4. Paste your link and give it a name, like 1st Hour <YOUR NAME>.
  5. If you have multiple sections, be sure to customize the sections so only the correct section sees the link (in this example, 1st Hour). And make sure to turn off “Everyone else” by clicking the green dot next to it (Thank you Mrs. Ochoa!).
  6. Save the Link.

This places the link at the top of your course for quick and easy reference at all times. You will want to repeat these steps for each of your classes.

Challenge: To make things even better for kids and parents, add the event to the calendar on the days and at the times the Zoom is going to take place. Remember that this one link will get them into the Zoom classroom at any of those scheduled times as long as you’re there.

  1. On the right side of your course page, click Add event.
  2. Choose the correct date and time of the next meeting. Be sure to include an end time.
  3. Give it a name. Again, in this example, I chose 1st Hour <YOUR NAME>. That way, when students look at their calendar, they see exactly what the event is going to be and when.
  4. Customize the sections to turn off “Everyone else” and make it available only for that particular section.
  5. Repeat for the rest of the events in the near future.
Video Updated at 3:55 PM on 9/1/2020

**Don’t forget to turn off “Everyone else” when you go to customize the event by section.

Got a different/better way? Share the way you are adding links in the comments below!